"World Trade Center Poem" - Aleja Bennett

Beneath the smoke inhaling the flames

people are dying with unknown names


Disaster was the final master

running, crying, jumping out of windows

no time for laughter


Oh America, Great America

Will this bring us together?


Surprising innocence of death

Not even being expected yet

One tragic incident never to forget

The pain, the mess, Can we handle it?


Love is being wasted

Taken place by hatred


Giving is apart no more

Is Devastation what we're living for?


More Crime!!   More Crime!!

Stricken by the clock of time


How many more lives must die?

leaving parentless children to cry

Oh my father in heaven I ask Oh Why?

Do we live in a world of the fiery eye


Wickedness, Wickedness

has brought on emptiness


Terror, Terror

has become a dangerous warrior

By a sick twisted individual slayer


Can we now as a people awake?

For the W.T.C.'s loud quake.